Changes history

(Only outstanding content changes listed, the texts and code are constantly updated and fixed thanks to awesome contributors.)



  • 3.1 changelog added. Better late than never, right?..


  • 3.0 changelog added!
  • Documentation linking switched to for good. Unfortunately, alternative sites are glitching with Ruby’s everchanging docs formatting.


  • 2.7 changelog added!
  • In 2.7 changelog, links to docs sometimes switched to “official” website. Most of the time, we are linking to, which, while being unofficial, has two advantages: a) it looks a bit nicer and b) it doesn’t mix what is in core and what came from standard libraries. Unfortunately, as of release date of 2.7,’s rendering is unable to properly handle new core methods implemented in .rb files (compare GC docs on official site, and on was fixed!
  • Atom feed added to the site, allowing to put it in your favorite aggregator (yes, I am aware it is almost 2020 and nobody does this anymore).


  • 2.4 changelog added;
  • 2.5 and 2.6 updated significantly with missing details/recent updates and mentions of upcoming (in 2.7) changes;
  • “Highlights” added to the top of the each release with short (and subjective) list of the most visible changes;
  • Book styles updated a bit for easier reading;
  • More metainformation about each version added to its page (initial release date, current status, etc.).


  • Ruby 2.5 changelog added


  • Initial release (2.6 only)