The Comparable mixin is used by classes whose objects may be ordered. The class must define the <=> operator, which compares the receiver against another object, returning a value less than 0, returning 0, or returning a value greater than 0, depending on whether the receiver is less than, equal to, or greater than the other object. If the other object is not comparable then the <=> operator should return nil. Comparable uses <=> to implement the conventional comparison operators (<, <=, ==, >=, and >) and the method between?.

class SizeMatters
  include Comparable
  attr :str
  def <=>(other)
    str.size <=> other.str.size
  def initialize(str)
    @str = str
  def inspect

s1 ="Z")
s2 ="YY")
s3 ="XXX")
s4 ="WWWW")
s5 ="VVVVV")

s1 < s2                       #=> true
s4.between?(s1, s3)           #=> false
s4.between?(s3, s5)           #=> true
[ s3, s2, s5, s4, s1 ].sort   #=> [Z, YY, XXX, WWWW, VVVVV]

Comparable Reference