require 'yaml'


YAML Ain’t Markup Language

This module provides a Ruby interface for data serialization in YAML format.

The YAML module is an alias of Psych, the YAML engine for Ruby.


Working with YAML can be very simple, for example:

require 'yaml'
# Parse a YAML string
YAML.load("--- foo") #=> "foo"

# Emit some YAML
YAML.dump("foo")     # => "--- foo\n...\n"
{ :a => 'b'}.to_yaml  # => "---\n:a: b\n"

As the implementation is provided by the Psych library, detailed documentation can be found in that library’s docs (also part of standard library).


Do not use YAML to load untrusted data. Doing so is unsafe and could allow malicious input to execute arbitrary code inside your application. Please see Security section for more information.

YAML Reference

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